Monday, March 19, 2012

Alchemist: Heady topper

Type: IPA
Origin: NH, US
ABV: 8%
Price: $5, ahem... per 22oz can.

I have a lot in common with this brewery: when you move to a new place, bad things happen, and good things happen. I moved a couple of blocks across town in the snow, into a place where I don't really feel at home. OK, cry me a river right? This brewery moved into a new place after getting clobbered to smithereens by hurricane irene, and now they're bigger and better than ever. Clearly I have something to learn from these guys.

For starters, they make this kickass IPA. Anyone who's followed my east coast correspondency will know that I've raised my nose and strutted away from many an east coast IPA (aka malt bomb), but this beer is something else. It has a thunderous piney hop zing which I've previously only run across in San Diego at Alpine. Also, to top it off: this shit comes in a can bitches!

That's right, when you're done drinking this fine brew, you can plunk away at the container with your sidearm to your heart's delight. But if you live in MA, you had better get friendly with your local sheriff before going to buy the plunker; there are serious gun laws here. Serious, I'm not lieing. That's OK though, drink a couple of these, and at 8% you won't be able to shoot straight anyway! Muahaha. Muahahah. Mooooahahaha.

Sometime soon I'll festoon you monkeys with more tales of the east coast breweries, shenanniganery, diplomatic visits, and more, but not now. Between trying to make flying motorcycles, trying to save the US nuclear fusion program (I will buy you a beer if you email your representatives), and moving my two crates of ass across town, I seriously should join my new neighbors down the way at the baddest ass bar in Cambridge.

soy alejandro


  1. Nice post dude :) I just stumbled across this site. Glad you landed near a good brewery... See ya up in Cambridge sometime in the Spring.

  2. Where can I get some heady topper in New Hamlshire? I'm sick of smuttynose and harpoon is just aweful. Would even trade you Pliney the Elder from Russian River in California a bit better than Heady on