Sunday, March 11, 2012

Diamond Bear Paradise Porter

Type: Porter
Origin: Little Rock, AR
Price: $9/6-pack (craft beer club)
ABV: 4.99%
NSP: 11.81 (unscaled)

Back to Diamond Bear, home of beer-flavored beer. I'll say it right up front- I'm not a porter guy. The only one I've found that I really like is Victory At Sea, and that shit is imperial as hell and ridiculous. Somehow I doubt that this is either. But that's not necessarily a weakness, just a difference in approach- i.e. this isn't supposed to be ridiculous.

Well, it sure does look like porter. I'll give it credit without even having taken a sip yet- it smells delicious, dark malt and coffee and chocolate and such, all hallmarks of a worthwhile porter (and nothing that smells like dirty ditch water, the hallmark of a bad porter). There's also a very light hop aroma floating around, so kudos for keeping that from getting lost in the shuffle. The flavor's got quite of bit of that chocolate and coffee, with a nice rich bitterness, kind of like biting into a piece of really dark chocolate. But the body's fairly light, and in the end everything is very well-balanced.

I'll say it right up back (opposite of right up front)- I'm not a porter guy. But, shit, I'll also say that Diamond Bear's got a damn good one here. I'm never going to reach for a porter when I'm in a beer-drankin' mood. But if I was in a porter-drankin' mood, and Diamond Bear was generally available in San Diego, I'd sure as hell reach for this one. So, between this and the pale ale, Diamond Bear's got some good stuff going. Hat's off, folks.

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