Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hangar 24 Brewery

Hangar 24
1710 Sessums Drive 
Redlands, CA 92374 
Tel: 909.389.1400

So I decided I'm never going to waste another trip to the Redlands area again.  By waste I mean not add Hangar 24 to the itinerary.  For a while now this brewery has been pumping out some fine brews  (e.g. Columbus) and I hear just recently upgraded their space (and is planning further expansion).  It's still literally across the street from some airplane hangars (the 24th one maybe?) and the scene is tranquil and serene, even with the late 90's power-jams playing.  The scenery ain't too bad neither.  After all, the San Bernadino mountains are quite spectacular, even if the same tectonic forces that created them are also the same ones that might cause a great earthquake here.

The brewery has the feeling of a young brewery that's just itching to explode.  But as I noted watching the man who rather slowly filled boxes with 12oz bottles of their Amarillo pale ale, the operation is still very craft/micro and seems to need some more space, or capacity, or whatever (although it's not nearly as bad as at Alpine in San Diego).  

The selection is fun and diverse enough, the growlers are the awesome kind (not the shitty and annoying Stone type), but my favorite aspect was the half-pint option.  OK, before you shout at me consider this: I wanted to try quite a few of their beers but couldn't get blasted, and I'm usually not content with 2oz tastings.  So I got a good sense of five beers or so, in less than three full-size pints.  Brilliant.

Now back to geology.  First, let's cut out the vagaries:  If you good-beer making folk at Hangar 24 aren't already aware, you're camping out nearly on-top of the most hazardous section of the great San Andreas fault, whose time is especially near.  You're brewing beer at approximately 3 - 5 miles from the nearest part of a fault that ruptures in a great earthquake every 250 years - and it's been nearly 300 since the last one.  This means that when the fault gives way, you're in for a very bumpy ride.  Those seismic waves will shake harder than a juicy fart out of dirty hog's ass.  So I hope you've strapped those lovely mash-tuns and fermenters down well.  Real well.

A portion of the USGS Redland 7.5' quadrange map, which I modified to show Hangar 24 in proximity to the San Andreas Fault (SAF).
Jokes aside, if you need more information about the very real possibility of a large earthquake on the San Andreas, consult SCEC's ShakeOut page.


  1. Glad you were able to rock out there (geology pun intended), but you forgot a fairly sizable detail, given that this is a beer blog- how was the beer?

    1. Fuck, I always forget the details.

      The beer was solid: Orange wheat - flagship worthy, Amarillo pale - a pale ale for sure but not mind-blowing, Alt-bier - tastes pretty Alty to me (though have not been to Dusseldorf), Helles, Columbus IPA, Choc. Porter -- all solid. Didn't get to try the Double IPA and I wasn't terribly excited about their seasonal spring ale though.