Monday, March 26, 2012

Knee Deep Hoptologist (Part 2: sans Brent Gargoyles)

type: double IPA
origin: Lincoln, CA
price: $8/22oz at BDBS
ABV: 9%
NSP: 7.3

Brats already praised this pretty highly in his Brent Gargoyle approved post.  Even though I fully agree with his assessment, I figured the beer deserved a proper picture, if only so people may understand how excellent the graphic designers at Knee Deep are.  Crazy-eyed Mad Hop-cone Scientist at work!!!!  This is simple and fantastic and, to echo Brats, what a double IPA should taste like.  It's shockingly smooth and hoppy (bitter to disguise 9% and floral for pleasant aromas).  So it should be no surprise that Brats is up for the next episode of hoarders: I NEED all these Hoptologists!!!!

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