Friday, March 9, 2012

Logsdon Seizoen

Type: Saison
Origin: Hood River, OR
Price: $11/750 mL
ABV: 7.5%
NSP: 5.11 (unscaled)

Lots of saisons 'round here these days. Grabbed this one at Bottlecraft last week. It's from a brand-spankin' new brewery that as of this post has just four beers available, three farmhouse-style (one of them a limited batch) and one witbier. Despite this being Non-Snob, everything about this beer screams snobby. Certified organic ingredients. Calling it a Seizoen (the Dutch form of saison). The beeswax seal, which makes the top kind of a pain in the ass to remove because the opener has trouble gripping anything. But whatever, Lightning's pretty snobby too but they make good shit so it's OK.

The Seizoen smells, well, saison-y, lemony and peppery and a little bit funky. The flavor repeats everything the nose says. It has an incredibly light body (this is definitely not Electrostatic)- I mean really light, like Budweiser light- which makes it ridiculously easy drankin'. Thankfully, the flavors (particularly the pilsnery skunk) are potent enough, and backed by a slight over-carbonation, to keep me from shotgunning $11 worth of beer in six minutes.

I wish I hadn't had about 25 different beers between this and Foret, because just like I said for Foret vs. Saison Dupont I'd like to do a head to head for comparison's sake. But even with without that, I think I'll check out Logsdon's other beers. Hell, there's only four of them, it won't take very long.

Oh, and as a postscript- this got a little rough as it warmed up (I was writing the review instead of drinking, so it sat in the glass for a bit). The skunk amplifies as it warms and becomes a bit overpowering. My fault, not the beer's. But definitely make sure this is nice and cold when you try it.

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