Friday, March 23, 2012

Mammoth Hair of the Bear

type: dopplebock
origin: Mammoth Lakes, CA
price: 7/22oz (??)
ABV: 9%
NSP: ~8 (guess)

I helped out Dr Molar with his board exam by agreeing to be a patient.  But because he pulled me away from our St. Patty's day party I forced him to watch Dante's Peak (classic @ 1:40) and drink all his beer.  Oh wait, it was the other way around.  Unfortunately, Dr Molar's idea of good beer tastes like fermenting mouthwash*, but fortunately he has friends who know better and gave him this to try...

What a fantastic dopplebock from Mammoth Brewing!  Normally this style can be oppressive because they're usually too malty and too big for their own britches, being a lager and what-not, but this is spot on.  It's dry and light-to-medium bodied with a nice grain/cereal kick at the top, which makes for a nice adult beverage; and, at 9% it makes for a romper of a beer and it'll getcha druunk.  I can see this would be a perfect cap to a day shredding slopes in blue-jeans, Texas style (or Chris style, if you will).

And finally, my congrats to Dr Molar, soon to be DDS.  Keep up the Listerine homebrewing.

* Actually that's not true, and he's a big fan of The Abyss, and becoming a mature beer drinker.


  1. The best part of that Dante's Peak clip is the Wilhelm scream.

  2. I do feel bad for Paul, though. He's going to find it awful hard to be a volcanologist when he's livin' in a van down by the river.

  3. I'll never forget that experience. But fuck that, I was James Bond.

  4. Dont forget about me!!!!I fucked bond once