Thursday, March 8, 2012

To Øl Snowball Saison

Type: Saison
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark (contracted to Belgium)
Price: $10.97 per 750 mL
ABV: 8%
NSP: 5.47

I saw this at BevMo! and they noted that this is a new brewery from the guys from Mikkeller to do some experimental brews. Considering how delicious Mikkeller is, and the absolute boring selection of the day, this one was a no brainer to pick up.

The saison category has to be one of my favorite categories. They have a light crispness to them while also having great sweet flavors and a nice abv. This one is no different. The hops on this actually come out fairly easily, which you usually don't see much in saisons. It is superbly enjoyable, and if it was a little cheaper, would probably be in my fridge at all times. The description on their website is also fantastic, and I agree with every word of it:

"Enough heavy dark obnoxious sweet super malty x-mas and winter beers. When you eat heavy duck with fat gravy, the last thing you want is another heavy sweet malt liqour!
NO! you want something that can help you sink the dinner, ease you stommach and cleance your throat. And that is exactly what Snowball Saison will do. It is a SUPER sparkling crisp and dry Saison that has been after fermented with milk acid bacterias and dry hopped over and over to give the beer a crisp and smooth tart finish (not to mention.... there is a lot of hops of course...)
Have a nice winter!"

Side note: the perfect food pairing, pretzel m&ms.

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