Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dry Dock Hefeweizen

Type: Hefeweizen
Origin: Aurora, CO
Price: $5.49/22 oz
ABV: 4.3%
NSP: 5.09 (unscaled)

I needed something a little less challenging/drunk-making, but still delicious, for run-of-the-mill beering purposes while in Colorado. Commence Operation Hefeweizen. This one's from a local brewery in Aurora, to which some of us Coloradans refer as Saudi Aurora. I'm sure Samer knows a guy there.

The head's pretty much nonexistent, which is sort of odd. Nice cloudy yellow color, exactly as it should be. It smells a lot like Thunderweizen (i.e. banana smoothie), which could never be a bad thing, but this seems a bit thinner or slightly watered-down. And the flavor's got all of the Thunderweizen goodness, bananas and cloves and some citrus, but again thinned out, with a bit more wheaty funk.

Well, this is pretty much exactly what I wanted when I was after something tasty with a lower booze factor. I realize it's kind of lame to just say it's a lighter version of Thunderweizen, but since the latter is pretty much the best hefeweizen available in the US of A, it's a favorable comparison.

By the way, the label's pretty weak. There's a very small picture of what appears to be either a pretzel or a very poorly made palmier on the side with no explanation why. I'm confused.

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  1. There's only one Aurora. It's in Illinois and Wayne and I do our show out of his basement. Super mega-happy ending.