Saturday, April 21, 2012

Funkwerks Brett Dream

Type: Saison
Origin: Fort Collins, CO
Price: $11.99/750 mL
ABV: 7.2%
NSP: 4.50 (unscaled)

Since the Crooked Stave Fertile Soil was brewed at Funkwerks and was pretty tasty, I decided to go for something from Funkwerks itself. And since I'm on the lookout for brett saisons, this seemed like a perfect choice. But, cutting to the chase- yuck. And I mean really fucking yuck.

It kind of looks like Sapporo in the glass, which may be the best thing it has going for it. Minimal head. The smell is initially fairly light, with a bunch of brett funk and a bit of apple. As it sat in the glass, it started to pick up steam. My mom said it kind of smelled like ice that's been in the freezer for way too long. I guess she was feeling charitable. I struggled to identify particular aromas (odors) for a bit, mainly because what I ended up coming up with isn't usually identified with beer or anything I wanted to smell. Outside of that little apple note hiding in the corner, it basically just ended up smelling like a combination of cat piss and something rancid that resembled vomit, plus a little bit of barnyard/manure. Oh, and rubber bands. No, I'm not kidding.

You can imagine that I was not looking forward to tasting it. The flavor's a bit better than the smell, but has similar hallmarks. There's apple in there, but it also tastes like vomity rubber. Instead of complementing the saison flavors, the brett just wrecks anything good this could've had going for it, and I had trouble finishing it.

Well, if Logsdon has set the high end of the scale, this certainly sets the low end. While the brett in Logsdon's version brought a lot of delicious citrusy tartness to the table, it brings nothing but putrid ass in this case. I can't believe they charge what they do for this, because it's pretty much completely heinous. Maybe it'd mellow with some cellaring, but I'm not going to bother trying.

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  1. And in a 750 to boot. Keep fighting the good fight.