Monday, April 23, 2012

Lost Coast Indica IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Eureka, CA
Price: $4.99/22 oz
ABV: 6.5%
NSP: 8.47 (unscaled)

Decided to pick up a bottle of IPA from a semi-obscure NorCal brewery. Eureka is on northern end of the Lost Coast (hence the brewery's moniker) area of California, so named because the topography's so rough that nobody wanted to build roads there and as a result it's relatively undeveloped. I don't really care too much about that, I just wanted to see how this compared to the IPAs from the NorCal heavyweights.

Right out of the bottle, I thought this looked more like an English IPA than a West Coaster. Smells like it too- there's some citrus and pine from the hops, but also a whole lot of malt. The flavor fits the same profile, though the citrus from the hops seems a bit muted relative to the pine, and with that and the fairly hefty malt backbone, it definitely veers in the English direction. It's kind of sweet too, which gives it a bit of a cidery aspect. The body's light, which keeps it more refreshing than most English IPAs, and the finish is pretty clean, so there's a couple of feathers in its cap.

I don't know. This isn't bad, but there's not really anything to make it stand out. That's a big problem if you're in a market with the big dogs in Sonoma County. Why would I buy this when Racer 5 is on the shelf nearby for the same price? I won't, that's why. Wait, that doesn't make sense. What?

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  1. I really think this is the best IPA I have found to date. The sweet taste is enjoyable and I think, IMHO, is the best IPA so far. Granted, I have only sampled around 100 IPA's from USA craft breweries.