Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mission Brewery

1441 L Street 
 San Diego, CA 92101 
(619) 544-0555

 Despite it's proximity to the recently-gentrified East Village of Downtown, San Diego, this brewery/tasting-room feels unpretentious and fun.  It's easy to get to if you have access to the trolley, or if you're near the ballpark, and the atmosphere is interesting: Late nineties alternative blasting (lots of Sublime), a random dog is strolling around coaxing people to rub her belly, and shuffleboard.  The grain silo and the history of the warehouse are the best part I think.  The retrofitted Wonderbread factory signage is a nice touch.  

I also noted to the others that this was a cougar den (and I think they agree) - hands down most females in a tasting room I've ever seen (normally the ratio is 70/30 men).  But, and maybe consequently, we did see a bunch of fuckface bros on a bachelor party try and start a fight with a bunch of non-fuckface guys.  That would've been the first fight I've seen at a beer establishment since I can even remember, but I guess that's the nature of downtown San Diego.

The beer lineup is solid: all of them I tried and none failed.  I really enjoyed their Kolsch-style blonde ale, but the seasonal pilsner and single/double IPAs were great too.  They also have a stout, wheat, and amber ale.  Again, all tasty.

Sambo and Brats talking about boobs beer.
So I heartily recommend this place.  It's probably shithouse during a Padres homegame, but there's so much space you could probably show up with a bunch of friends and still have a great time.  And they even let us bring in a bunch of deep-dish za from Berkeley.  Nom nom all around.

!!WARNING!! The images below represent what happens on the Trolley after a night at a fun, beer-serving establishment.  Here we each tried drawing a naked woman and the results are mixed but definitely offensive.
Duckface smoking a joint (left), and upside-down, doing the splits while vomiting (right). 
The best of the lot (left) and a figure potentially representing a man (right).

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