Sunday, April 1, 2012

White Birch: Hop Session Ale

Type: Session Ale
Origin: Hooksett, NH
Price: $6/22oz
ABV: 5.3%
NSP: 5.74 (unscaled)

Damn I think I bought all the White Birch I could find the last time I hit up Smiley's. Which, did I mention, has unfortunately GONE OUT OF BUSINESS?! Sonofabitch, that was one awesome booze shop: sweet beer selection, hot pizza, both delivered to your door with a smile. Hooligans valiantly dueling with empty beer cases and otherwise messing around like all honest beer shop workers should. Damn, we'll miss you smiley's. This is a sad day, but hopefully they'll come back better than ever soon.

But... I digress. This fine beer is a testament to the east coast IPA (ie malt bomb), with a lower alcohol content (but not too much), and apparently dry hopped. That's right, after all these years of 'traditional' pale ale and 'traditional' IPA, these guys have either visited San Diego and tasted the awesome there, or they've independently had a fit of wonder and decided to just pitch some hops in the fermenter for a good time. One way or another, they got around to this great beverage we know as the session ale, but they're still pitching a bit closer to the east coast malty identity than they are to the west coast hopfest identity. Regardless, the hops shine through in a fit of green wonder. Another fine beverage.

So if you're having a rough day with the snizzle (snow/drizzle), just park it, crack a session open, and see what happens. It'll probably still snizzle all over, but you'll at least have a tasty beverage for the occasion.


  1. Hmmm. Not sure how you manage to change fonts so elegantly, but I WANT to learn.

  2. Damn. That shit wasn't even on purpose. I think I copied and pasted from notepad or something. Jedi font change lesson completed.