Thursday, May 3, 2012

Diamond Bear Paradise Porter (part deux)

type: porter
origin: Little Rock, AR
price: $9/6-pack (Chris' craft beer club thingie)
ABV: 4.99%
NSP: 11.81

Damn Chris and his amazing palate.  He gave me an extra from his little-boy-beer-club (LBBC, formerly NAMBLA) and I thought "hey, let's see if my take is different from his, and then I'll post about it!!!".  So I pour and taste.  Turns out we have the same damn opinion (his review), although his is much more thorough.  But is his eloquence due to his advanced palate, or am I just slow and cant think of adjectives beyond "rad" and "awesome"?

However, I would play up the bitterness aspect Chris mentions.  It actually accentuates the typical porter-like flavors, which I think's the key to this being a very successful porter; otherwise, I could imagine this tasting simply like watered-down Black Butte.

I do have to detract for the label though.  It looks like the design is meant to appeal to Jimmy Buffet fans and people who like the flaming turds that are the Transformers movies.  And then there's the "Paradise in a glass!" slogan.  Ughh.  It's shit labeling like this that makes me want to take it off the shelf and smash it against the floor, as opposed to buying it and drinking it.  They should watch a little more Mad Men, methinks, but I would still buy this on draft, and perhaps even look for it.


  1. The oxygen tent enhances my beer palate in addition to making me a sexual tyrannosaur.

  2. Strap this on your sore ass Blaine.