Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Great Divide Samurai Rice Ale

Type: Rice ale/blonde ale
Origin: Denver, CO
Price: $9.99/6-pack
ABV: 5.1%
NSP: 10.86

If you haven't noticed, every time I make my way back to Colorado, I try and bring as much local beer back as possible.  This last trip was no exception.  I picked this one up for the express purpose of giving Andy the opportunity to make as many racist jokes as he could come up with.  Fire away.

Right out of the bottle, I'm figuring that this will take me no more than ten minutes to put down, given the color and the fact that Budweiser also has a sizable rice component.  It smells really sweet with a caramel accent, sort of like a lighter version of the Sweetwater 420.  Actually, as it sat in the glass for a bit, it sort of started to smell like a Rice Krispie treat (i.e. sweet and starchy).  But there's a light lemony hop scent in there, just enough to make me hope I won't get a sugar high from drinking it.

It pretty much tastes like...well, not a whole lot, as expected.  The sweetness isn't nearly as strong as the nose suggested, which is a good thing- it's actually decently dry while still being a bit fruity, no doubt because it's an ale.  The rice doesn't bring so much flavor (really, why would it?) that you can't find the hops- instead, there's more of that lemony thing, plus a little something vegetal.  Pretty damn easy to drink, though the carbonation level's at the point where if you go a bit too fast you'll belch loud enough to scare the cats.

Well, beer-wise, I don't mind this in the slightest. But it's expensive for something so light and non-challenging.  I guess I don't see much reason to buy this instead of Bud.  I suppose if you refuse to drink lagers and you absolutely have to try a rice-based beer, have at it.  But go drink it somewhere else because you're a big bag of douche.


  1. I ruv me some wrice kwispies. They're dericious

  2. What happens when samurai brewers mess up a batch of beer ? Are they so ashamed that they commit suicide?