Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monkey Paw

Monkey Paw
805 16th St 
San Diego, CA 92101 
(619) 358-9901 

Let's start this with a diagram:
What a "full" pint looks like at Monkey Paw.
What do you see here, children?  Caption not enough of a hint?  Well, it's an image of what's called a "short-pour", or when a bar fills your pint glass up but stops when the head first reaches the top.  For a moderately carbonated beer this equates to about 4 ounces less beer (see this nerdy-ass post for details).  OK fine, less beer.  But, when you charge 16oz prices for a 12oz pour, then you've crossed the line into scum-baggery.  This was not a one-off thing; it was clear that both bartenders were pouring short.  And, after I realized what was happening, I took note of what everyone else was getting.  You guessed it, short-pours.

Their other trick is a little more clever and a lot less obvious: Notice that when you get a "full" pour it's actually in what's called an Optic glass (where the inside has flat surfaces, not smooth).  Because the flatness of the inner wall of the glass adds extra thickness (inwards), they achieve the same effect, and it's harder to notice if you're not paying attention.

So this is a tough one for me to stomach.  Here we have a newish bar with a damn good beer selection, that also brews its own beer (decently I suppose), is operated by the owners of Hamilton's and Small Bar (both of which we frequent heavily), and that's pulling this scumbag-style, cost-cutting shit.  I really didn't expect to see that here.  Fuckitty fuck, you don't make enough money already that you need to scam customers?  Well go eat a fat deez.

They do make a mean Wit Wiz though, with delicious waffle fries... But is it worth it?