Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Alchemist Heady Topper

type: double IPA
origin: Waterbury, VT
price: $12/4x16oz
ABV: 8%
NSP: 9.5

Oh man, I'm smitten.  This is now on my list of top three double IPAs ever, along with The Elder and The Hoptologist.

We visited The Alchemist recently and I freaked out after trying Heady (for the first time ever).  So much so that I bought a whole case of 24, just because it's so damn good and who knows when I'll get it next.  And now I realize why Alex put that horrendous picture of himself on his review: Everyone who sees it will be too creeped out to try the beer, leaving more for him!  What a dick.

This is a simple, yet perfectly crafted double IPA.  It's so wonderfully hoppy and also perfectly bitter for the amount of booze (8%).  After a full can you get that nice boozy edge where if you go further you're drunk, but if you back off you'll have a nice relaxing hour.

Pure beauty.
Alex is certainly spot on when he says the only time you get the same hop blast from a San Diego beer is from Alpine.  When this warms a bit that doesn't go away either, and then you taste a faint bit of smoke.  Chris tasted a bit of apricot too.  I also love that this tastes wonderful out of a can, and they rightfully demand that you do so.

I'm very impressed, as might be obvious.  So, Alex, in exchange for your devious photo, I offer you this:
Don Carlos and Don Double IPA.


  1. Damn, my secret is out. You bastard!

  2. Lucky enough to live near there and had two, and have my wife's colleague travel right by there weekly.
    Time for a case.

  3. Question: How much money was a case?

    1. Fuckall expensive... somewhere like $75 - 80. I would buy another in a hot second though!