Monday, June 25, 2012

Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale

type: summer ale
origin: Brooklyn, NY
price: $7/12oz on JetBlue
ABV: 5%
NSP: 2.5 (ouch)

I was so damn proud to be the first to do an airplane beer review.  The first was 21st Amendment's Brew Free or Die, which was a nice treat.  So here I found myself travelling across the country on JetBlue (which was awesome, and no captain freaked out so life was good).

I haven't had much from Brooklyn Brewing because we simply can't buy it over here (apparently this is the first post even mentioning them on the site), which is odd given how big they as an East coast brewer -- maybe not as big as Boston Beer Co, but it seems like they are trying to get there.  The brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, even co-edited the Oxford Companion to Beer (which fucking rules).  Regardless, I'm happy to see unique beers on flights these days.  And although I would never pay this much for it in a bar, I'll definitely choose it over a MGD or Heineken at the same price.

Look how beautiful that looks.  If I was Sambo, I would say something like "it just feels like summer all over my face, and it gets better when I swallow it".  Seriously though, if I went to a backyard cookout with a tub of these, covered in that wonderful crushed ice like in most beer commercials, I would be in the mood for lawn games.  YOLO, lawn game style!  (That's for you Bradley.)

I think this is pretty good ale for the summertime.  The hops are balanced just well enough for the relatively low body so that they don't overwhelm your senses.  It certainly is a relatively simple beer in terms of flavor, but that's really the point of this style of beer, right?  You really don't want to be laboring over an ale in the hot sun; it should be goddamn thirst quenching.  But even if you don't agree, hopefully you do that it tastes better than Sam Adams Summer Urinal Cake Ale.


  1. I should tell you that Pyramid Apricot Weizen Ale is one of my wife's favorite beers. That being said, I can also say that I am under no coercion to include it in this list, For a beer lover, this is bottled sunshine.

    Best selection of Trappist Ale in Edmonton

    1. Nice. Thanks for reading. The page you linked to has the most ridiculous cursor tail I've ever seen. Bravo.