Friday, June 22, 2012

Magic Hat Demo

type: black IPA
origin: Burlington, VT
price: $8/6x12oz
ABV: 6%
NSP: 16.4

Part of Magic Hat's IPA on Tour series, this is their "black IPA." (Alex reviewed their seasonal IPA, Blind Faith.)  But I can't seem to identify anything IPA about this when I drink it.  To me this essentially tastes like a porter from Oregon (e.g. Black Butte).  Consequently, all you get from this brew are roasted malts and very little hop aromas (actually none that I can pick up).  If Hop in the Dark is the standard, this falls waaaaay short--like me trying to run a 100m dash again Usain Bolt, with Brats on my back, and Brats has diarrhea, and I'm slipping on his diarrhea.  Time to let this die, MH, or at least re-brand it as a ho-hum porter (with gimmicky flair all over the bottle of course!)

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