Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Einstok Olgerd Toasted Porter

Type: porter
Origin: Akureyri, Iceland
ABV: 6%

Chris gifted this badboy (hence no NSP) to me last weekend after I mentioned I have been to Akureyri before.  It is such a random place to get beer from in the US, so I was definitely intrigued.  Most beers of Iceland are pretty lackluster and there aren't many microbreweries due to the alcohol laws of the country which have large taxes on the production and sale of alcohol and also limits on the ABVs (without special permits).  If I remember right, I did have a few sips of the pale ale in Akureyri when my friend Thomas ordered it in a bar to get something different.  I believe the price was $9 in a bar for a 12 oz as opposed to $7 for a half liter of Viking Stout.  Fucking Scandinavia.
          Anyways, this is a pretty enjoyable porter.  It isn't gimmicky or oppressive, it is just done well.  You can definitely pick up the toasted malts which give it a nice clean toffee and chocolate taste.  It also is a bit buttery and is incredibly drinkable.  It is definitely a much lighter porter than most, and I would probably suggest this as a beginners porter (say for your kids 18th birthday) since it would be hard to truly dislike this.

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