Monday, July 23, 2012

Pretty things: Meadowlark IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Cambridge, MA
Price: $7.99/22oz
ABV: 7% 
NSP: 5.7

Pretty things is probably one of the best things about Cambridge beer. A husband and wife pair run the whole operation, they have an awesome line of flavors, it's mostly found in Cambridge, and they don't actually own a brewery. All their beer is brewed, bottled and kegged at other local breweries, then distributed locally, and it all kicks ass.

This one is a nice crisp, clear IPA, with a mild hop nose and a stiff bittering which hangs around after each sip. There isn't the meaty malt typical of many east coast ipas, but there's plenty of body to temper the bitter. There's maybe even a hint of lager skunkiness... or maybe that's my neighbor joint wafting across their yard.

It certainly could hold it's own, but this evening being the hot summer variety, I pulled out some cold summer special pizza leftovers from Regina pizza in the north end, which complemented it reasonably. Definitely not a bad way to finish off a weekend of concerts and sailing.


  1. Holy shit, this might be your first properly formatted post! Now all we need to do is get you to figure out the whole tagging business...

  2. Ain't just in Cambridge. Most good bottle shops out here have a few of their beers available. Even Whole Foods has 'em.