Monday, July 2, 2012

Ska Special ESB

type: ESB
origin: Durango, CO
price: $5/12oz
ABV: 5%
NSP: 3.6

Tiger Tiger can come through pretty big sometimes, especially with their option for 1 liter beers

 ** PAUSE: Oktoberfest flashbacks!!!

And... I'm back.   So, I was pretty excited to see Ska on their tap board, especially something I've not yet tried.  I've been a fan of Ska since Decadent, but not everything has been peaches-and-cream (e.g. Pinstripe), so I try as much of their beer as I can to try and pin down my feelings on them.  Let's talk about our feelings shall we?  

This is a decent ESB, but not really worth it for such a low NSP.  I really enjoy biscuity, tangy English bitters once in a while, and this doesn't disappoint in that regard.  Although I found it to be a but to sweet (in other words not dry enough), everything else about it was still quite satisfying.  Then again, maybe that was because Tiger gave me a free coozie.  Fuck yeah, free coozie!

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