Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ballast Point Dorado

type: double IPA
origin: San Diego, CA
price: $6/22 at mutha fuckin Costco!
ABV: 10%
NSP: 10.8

Lets get some preliminaries out of the way:  This has a great NSP, and is obviously a very well-crafted, highly anticipated DIPA.  Now let me get my opinion out of the way: I don't like this, and I don't understand why it's rated "exceptional" on BA, or why anyone would claw their way to buy a case.

I get very little enjoyment out of more than about 6 oz of this, so getting through a 22 is a chore.  You know that booze-breath and heartburn you get after a long night of Bourbon drinkin'?  Yeah, I had that by the end of the bottle and needed a Silver Bullet for mouthwash.  It's too alcoholic for its own good, so no matter how ridiculous the hopping is (Hop Heads are beer snobs too), you just cant escape its cloy-inducing malt backbone.

I do appreciate that this might be the biggest, most aggressive DIPA I've ever tasted, which could be interpreted as a feather in Ballast's cap, and a giant "F YOU" to Stone.  But please, Ballast, can you just call it a triple IPA so I don't compare it in my head to Pure Hoppiness, Hoptologist, or Heady Topper?  It's not fair, and certainly not good competition for Dorado.  And I don't think it would've finished well in the DIPA blind tasting, but who knows.

So if you find my opinion objectionable, do state so.  But please don't just say "Why don't you like this? It's from Ballast!!! You're dumb." like this is the barren wasteland that is the comment section of Youtube, because then you'd be dumb, dummy.


  1. Perhaps a Dorado-Simtra showdown is in order, with the winner being drunkenness and the loser being our digestive systems.

    1. I think the cask version could mellow this out to a drinkable level, but that sounds like a good idea. I would actually throw the new "Enjoy by" Stone IPA in there - that's a hop monster.

  2. wow, I totally missed that DIPA blind tasting review. Radness. Next time we should try it again with our soon to be DIPA if it turns out as envisioned...

    1. It was pretty awesome, though at that level it's like trying to decide which is better: the left tit or right tit?

    2. I always prefer the right tit personally

  3. Chris try having the Dorado made with crystal hops, almost impossible to drink. They likely will never make that again.