Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alesmith Nut Brown

type: brown ale
origin: San Diego, CA
price: $5?/22oz
ABV: 5%
NSP: 6.5

The bottle description is spot on: malt forward, biscuity, and earthy hops.  It's definitely brown, and the crema-like head is reminiscent of Hop in the Dark, which collectively makes this a brown, tasty ale -- a brown ale, if you will.  But I disagree about this being a "sessionable" beer, as the label states, if only because there's no effing way I'm drinking two or more brown ales in a row.

Until now I had no idea what a great brown ale should taste like (especially when Newcastle is the standard).  This is  thoroughly enjoyable, and even at the end of a 22 -- nearing room temperature -- the flavors are still complex and pleasant.

Brats and I were at Alesmith recently, and they had a bourbon barrel version of this.  I remember thinking that was maybe the best "barrel aged" version of something I've ever had, which is likely a testament to the quality of this beer.


  1. That bourbon barrel aged one is the best bourbon barrel aged anything I've had. Its actually better than the original

  2. Also, that Newcastle review was one of my first, and I still stand completely by it. Man that shit sucks bollocks