Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alpine Duet

type: IPA
origin: Alpine, CA
price: $8/22
ABV: 7%
NSP: 5.7
website (it's interesting to hear the sound of a beer poured when you click on a weblink)

Seriously, we haven't reviewed this?  OK, well allow me to crack open a fat bottle of tasty-ass IPA.

As a brewery, Alpine is pretty damn good at crafting beer, and have enough talent to make, among other difficult styles, a high quality sour (Chez Monmee). (And even bbq!)  But what they're really, really good at is using a butt-load of hops while at the same time making sure the malt (body) is big enough, but not too heavy.

Duet is a straight-up west coast IPA that I assume is doing quite well in the Cali-IPA blind tasting tournament; we still have quite a ways to go, so stay tuned for those results.  In this beer we have Amarillo and Simcoe (the "duet"), both known for producing wonderful hop aromas and with tremendous bittering power; they slow dance their way to hop heaven.  I sometimes find this a little buttery in flavor (OH, you got diaceeeetyls! - Sambo once said to Riley), but given how well the rest of the beer is it's hard to fixate on an inconsequential negative.  It's interesting to drink this slowly, because it's hoppy all the way to room temperature, at which the bitterness comes striking forward.

At the 2012 SD International Beer Festival, I accosted a few of their brewers, and managed to drunkenly mumble my thanks for being absolute hop-masters in a town already known for incredible beers.  I'm sure they we're annoyed then, so I'll re-iterate it now:

Thank you, Alpine.  Thank you.

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