Saturday, September 8, 2012

Baxter brewing co: Pamola XPA

Type: XPA
Origin: Lewiston, ME
Price: $5/12oz
ABV: 4.9% 
NSP: -

Phone autocorrected as pamela xpa. I wish it could conjure the same images as the name Pamela


but instead this brew has vomit flavor. Bilious regurgitation, reverse peristalsis, technicolor yawn style flavor. Like the yellow, I can't barf anymore but am still wretching stuff, flavour (hat tip to Scotland for getting me that wasted once). Like the guys were drinking while brewing and when everyone else was looking the other way one guy spewed right into the kettle.

Can that shit and see if it sells? Only on amtrak.

Worst. Beer. Ever.


Apparently even the brewery thought it was so bad that they made a soap out of it. Clean your mouth out with that.

This beer is best drank while reading Shackleton's 'South' to live the depravity of the Antarctic: the kind where you throw up in your mouth because you ate too much baby seal blubber after starving for a week on the ice, but then you swallow it again anyway.

Guess if I was sadist enough to finish it? (re: the beer. the book is pretty good.)

PS. Apparently ratebeer is keeping it real on this one, but beeradvocate thinks it's 'good'.


  1. Replies
    1. Holy shit! And i must commend you on this excellent debasing.

  2. I just reviewed their Stowaway IPA and I thought that one tasted a little bit like Soap. Strange.

  3. Alex, I'm convinced this is the best de-boning of a beer ever done one this site. Thank you. And thank you for your brilliant use of labels. ;-8-<