Monday, September 17, 2012

Bear Republic Brewing Co.

Bear Republic Brewing Co.

345 Healdsburg Ave.
Healdsburg CA, 95448, USA

Having lots of time off definitely has its perks.  Mainly free time to do shit I have always wanted to do, and obviously this meant a trip to Bear Republic Brewing Co. followed by Anderson Valley Brewery (review to come).  

First off this place is a little hard to find and once I did it took another 15 minutes to get a beer, but shit we got every beer they had, so...

Before this trip I only had Bear Republic's main sellers including: Racer 5, XP Pale Ale, Hot Rod Rye, Big Bear Black Stout, and Peter Brown Tribute Ale (the left board).  We started with the light beers as I feel you should do in a tasting.  Some people may disagree with me, but they are idiots.  We started off with a terrible lemonade color beer that was likely made for people who don't like beer.  Next was El Oso, basically an upgrade from Tecate Mexican Lager.  I would much rather drink this beer then the massive amount of Tecate I drink.  The remaining beers included a pilsner, wheat, esb, ale, and Racer 5, all solid.   Lastly the double IPA Racer 15, that was just okay. 

In nonsnobs blind IPA's tasting I trashed Racer 5 and honestly after this trip I really don't feel bad about it.  Granted I do drink it and I like it's availability in San Diego, but I would gladly switch it for many other IPA's out there like Anderson Valleys IPA that I had later that day.  I know people will likely disagree, but take the two and blind taste and you will see what I mean.

Anyways, overall Bear Republic had some great beer with an option of getting every beer in a liter stein (amazing), but I really wouldn't want to spend my entire day there.  It is worth a quick stop, but is very Rock Bottomesk with mediocre food and a lack of atmosphere.  The bartender Ryan was a cool guy and the only one serving beer so he was busy to say the least.  He gave us a free, possibly leftover beer that we gladly drank and made us guess what it was.  My friend Ryan threw out about 5 guesses before even taking the time to think and I guessed right on the first guess after some thinking, was Cher Ami a Belgium.

If you make the trip up to Bear I highly recommend making a stop there then driving another hour to Anderson Valley.  It is well worth another hour.  From San Francisco Bear is about an hour and a half drive.



  1. I guess I should stop writing posts drunk because I get to much shit from you pricks about commas in the wrong place.

    1. I think you meant *too*, but whatevs. And Samer is just jealous because he only review beers that "inspire" him.

    2. And I meant to write *reviews* but, again, whatevs. I'm still jealous you rick-rolled Bear Republic without me.

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