Thursday, September 27, 2012

Haand Bryggeriet Odin's Tipple

type: imperial stout
origin: Drammen, Norway
price: $10.50/.5l
ABV: 11%
NSP: 5.2

Who is Odin, and why does he have his own tipple? The father of Thor, goddammit.  You got a problem with that?  Just look at that ram's horn full of booze and tell me he's not a badass.

Let's pop the cap, shall we?  Smells pretty boozy and pours dead flat, too.  Oh shit, here we go down the Samichlaus train...

But the proof is in the flavor, and Saint Nick aint got shit on this.  It has very simple flavors: rich coffee and roasted malt, so it tows the line between russian imperial stout and imperial porter.  That's not to say the flavors present aren't absolutely intense, they're just easy to spot.  Apparently they use a wild yeast strain, which is badass, but it also lends much needed bit of uniqueness too a traditionally intense stout.

As I said before, it pours flat.  The lack of carbonation definitely detracts from it, but only because it makes you queasy at the thought of finishing the whole bottle.  I fret to think how this tasted six months back when I originally bought it -- probably too harsh -- but overall this a mighty tasty ale.  If the carbonation were sufficient, this could easily fit somewhere between Old Rasputin, Speedway, and the Abyss in the scheme of imperial stouts.  Either way, it's definitely ram's horn worthy.

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