Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lightning: Double Strike

Type: Double IPA
Origin: San Diego, CA
Price: $8.65/22oz
ABV: 9.0% 
NSP: 6.8

Out on vacation in San Diego looking for some fine light body heavy hop awesome brew, and what do I come up with? OK, this beer is at least from San Diego, but a double isn't exactly a light body hop fest.

The darkish color already suggested a heavy body, and there wasn't much hop nose, so I knew from the beginning that there wasn't much hope for the beer I was thinking of. I was struck doubly: by the non-hop nose I was hoping for, then by the the hop body I found in the beer. Even though the nose was meh, the bitter was on, and the malt wasn't overdone. Life was good.

The scotch bonnet chilies I scored from Mr. Liss in San Clemente cut the hop bitter nicely, and the beer likewise washed down the heat from the chilies. In the end, this beer split the differences between the east and west coast styles of IPA nicely and really shows the best of both worlds.


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  2. Dude, you didn't come up with this. I came up with it and shared it. Where's my citation?

  3. [1] C. Takeuchi, 1 1 (2012) Wasted Quarterly, 'Wheres my citation bitch?'

    1. Actually I think it's:

      [1] C. Takeuchi, 1 1 (2012) Maxim magazine, 'E=MC-hammered'

  4. Wait, you're eating Scotch bonnets straight up?

    Life in SD sounds hoppy, give a shout when you're back!