Monday, September 10, 2012

Maine Beer Co.: Lunch IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Portland, ME
Price: $7.95/739mL (1pt 9fl oz) at Bert's Better Beers
ABV: 7%
NSP: 6.5

Debo and I stopped by Bert's today on our way back from White Birch (more on that later), and picked up two bottles of this. We got two instead of one because there was an enforced quota of one bottle per customer.

Apparently some dude had tried buying out the entire case of them, and the owner wanted more people to get a try. Thanks to that move, we scored two. Also, the beer advocate guys have a huge boner over this beer. So what did this correspondent think?

I must admit that in our haste over dinner, Deborah and I somehow disappeared our first bottle before I had a chance to write any notes down. Good thing we bought two bottles! My first impression was not enormous. Don't get me wrong, this beer is great but I'm not sure it really ranks among even the lower end of world class.

Read through the reviews and it's pretty clear what the east coast thinks is so awesome about this beer: it tastes like San Diego beer. Which is probably why this correspondent almost staggered over his meh when he popped the first bottle and washed his tri-tip down with it. IPA over here is all sorts of over malted, malt factory, rub me down with some more malt, malt all over your face explosion, hit me with another bushel of malt, malt me up Scotty, with a few exceptions. In shocking contrast, this beer is solidly hopped, new world style. Hop me up Scotty is a bit more like it, at least that's what she said.

The malt in this beer attributes some malty flavor and color, but primarily serves as a source of sugar for the little yeasties to make their fine product. The flavor is dominated by fine hops. So of course since the distribution is limited to the east coast in small quantities, and this is a huge departure from most other regional varieties in a fine direction, this shit is as much of a hit out here as a San Diego vacation in the middle of winter.

Ironically enough, without the huge malt body typical to our IPAs, you might want a little more than this for lunch, or maybe two with dinner.


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