Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pennsylvania Brewing Kaiser Pils

Type: pilsner
Origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Price: ?
ABV: 5%

This is an enjoyable one indeed.  Chris gifted this to me from his 'Beer of the Month' club, and it has been sitting in the back of my fridge for quite some time (my guess is at least 3 months in addition to a few bocks that he can't guzzle down).  Thats added on top of Chris' probably 3 months as well of 'aging'.  So yeah, a nicely 'aged' pilsner.  Given that fact, this is actually very fresh.  There is no sign of skunkiness and nothing tastes off about this.  On my first taste, I thought it was really light (as in Coors light mixed with water light), but over time, the hops start to pull you in and add some nice body as well as leave a nice bitterness surrounding your 'moistened mouth'.  Pilsners are usually not the type to sip on and ponder the complexities, but I could see myself drinking this down slowly on a lazy afternoon.


  1. Did they just rip off some dudes photo of the Pittsburgh skyline?