Thursday, September 6, 2012

Societe Brewery

Societe Brewing Co.
8262 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 459-5409

A spate of new breweries just invaded San Diego county, including Societe Brewing Co. (I think of Timaaaaay when I say their name), started by ex-Bruery and ex-Russian River employees.  Having obtained an apparently substantial investment, this place is already up and kicking; needless to say the hype factory is in full production mode.  Regardless, we were in the mood for some tasty food-truck action, and Brats Berlin was on location.  And +1 for being much closer to home than the North County beer corridor (Highway 78).

The tasting room is similar to Green Flash or Mission Brewery in the sense that you get to drink in front of beautiful stainless steel fermenters, and whiskey barrels which are presumably plugging away at some imperial stout and Belgian strong ale.  It's a pretty big space, and well planned out, so you quickly feel at home and ready for some beer drankin'.

Simple layout, lots of old-timey shit, wood, and bartenders playing quarters.
The selection is deep enough for such a new brewery: two IPAs, an imperial stout, and three Belgian ales.  First, the Belgians:

Belgian ales from L to R: The Debutante, The Harlot, The Widow.
As the color suggests, these three are each sufficiently unique to deserve a capitalized "the", and definitely represent an American take on classic Belgian styles.  Not quite trappist quality (mmm Achel), and the "lacing" in those hideous goblets is frightening, but I taste quite a bit of potential, and once they hit their stride these should be mighty fine.

The Dandy, The Apprentice, The Butcher, and a Boar+Bison brat from Brats Berlin (delicious).
The imperial stout is a classic Russian imperial stout: huge roasted malt flavors, smooth creamy head, and a potent kick at ~10%.  The IPAs are distinct, but I most-enjoyed The Dandy, probably because it was well hopped with a relatively low body, meaning I went back for three more without hesitation.  

Overall they've got a pretty good showing, and definitely a good start in such a crowded beer-market, but there's one aspect to this that's been irking me for a while.  About a month ago, the mayor of SD, Jerry Sanders, declared June 30 to be Societe Brewing Co day.  Seriously?!?  For a brewery less than a year old, beers from which you cant really find around town yet?  For as long as the City of San Diego is incorporated, that day shall be dedicated to SBC.  What a shipload of steaming shit.  How does that not appear as a money-grab/beer-gulch by a wealthy, lame-duck mayor?  Who knows really, and probably he's just trying to get free beer for life, but I'm chafed pretty raw.

I really hope there's no scumbag shit going on here, and I doubt there is, so I'll just enjoy watching this brewery evolve into a reputable beer monger.  And watching the hops grow...


  1. Love the look of the inside of the bar. Good luck to them from MN!

    1. Yeah, it's a good atmosphere to get some beer drinkin' done!

  2. The beers just keep getting better. Get your hands on a growler if the Pupil, if at all possible!