Friday, September 21, 2012

The Bruery Tradewinds

Type: Belgian Tripel
Origin: Placentia, California
Price: $9.69 per 750 mL
NSP: 6.27

Tripels are my favorite.  I think it is just quintessential awesomeness, and anytime I can pick up a new one, I always do.  My experience with The Bruery is rather limited, with such juggernauts as Rugbrod and Three French Hens, which are atypical brews lending my opinion more towards the absurd.  And let me just sum this one up quickly: it is not a great tripel.  There is a very peculiar funky flavor on this that took me quite awhile to pick out since it is something I have had before.  After pondering, I think the finish is cheap Chinese plum wine.  If you haven't had that stuff, go to your local shitty asian market and find the wine that costs like $1.50.  That stuff is absolutely oppressive, and fortunately this is still drinkable.  The good thing is the more you drink this beer, the less that flavor comes out, so you can possibly sneak this one in after a strong DIPA and not really notice anything wrong with it.  Other than the weird aftertaste, the beer isn't bad, although I am disappointed in the lower ABV for this style, but I guess I am spoiled with having had Karmeliet before.  And for the price, just buy Karmeliet.

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