Friday, October 26, 2012

Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout

Type: Oatmeal Stout
Origin: Denver, CO
Price: $1.25/12 oz
ABV: 4.9%
NSP: 13.92

I was looking for an Odell sampler pack at the liquor store while I was in Colorado (apparently I didn't feel like GABF gave me enough beer for the weekend), but they didn't have one, so I went with Breck instead.  I've always thought Breck was pretty reliable.  Their vanilla porter's pretty tasty, so I was hoping their stout would be as well.

It's good and stout-looking.  Smells pretty straightforward too, nicely roasty and a bit sweet (the latter likely resulting from the oatmeal).  Not a whole lot more than that, it's not exactly the most complex nose I've ever encountered.

The flavor's...interesting.  The roastiness is there (of course, if it's not, it means you're not drinking a stout), and a bit of smoky bitterness.  But it doesn't feel like the bitterness is from hops- since there's a bit of smoke in there, it actually kind of tastes like the grain got burned a little bit.  And the sweetness that I expected to find from the oatmeal is surprisingly (and a bit disappointingly) absent.  It ends up tasting a bit dirty.

Sorry, Breck.  Don't think I like this one.  Of course, my own preferences put it at a bit of a disadvantage in the first place.  But I still feel like it's a bit off.  And since they nailed the vanilla porter so well, this one's even more of a letdown.  Oh well.


  1. Picture is focused perfectly on the outlet in the background. Nice outlet.

  2. I took seven pictures, and this was the best one. I don't know what the hell the autofocus was doing. Maybe it thought the outlet was a face.