Friday, October 19, 2012

Knee Deep Immigration Red

Type: Irish red ale
Origin: Lincoln, California
Price: $5.99 per 22 oz
ABV: 6%
NSP: 6.5

I must admit, I accidentally bought this one because I was thinking about Knee Deep's Ryedentity Crisis, and somehow thought this was it.  Red ales are a strange category, and I would love to meet someone who thinks they are the best style of beer.  This one is, however, not like any red I've had.  Ok, the characteristics are similar to most reds: medium ABV, medium maltiness, not too filling, generally nondescript.  The thing that sets this apart is that this lends really close to the porter end of the spectrum while still maintaining the lightness of a straight ale.  In fact, I seriously thought I was drinking Knee Deep's Tanilla Porter.  I even get a little bit of vanilla coming through that is a real delight.  While I will probably not buy this again since there are many styles I would rather have instead of red ales, I wouldn't be opposed to drinking this again.  If you are one of the ubiquitous red ale lovers, definitely give this a shot.

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