Monday, October 22, 2012

New Belgian Somersault

type: summer ale
origin: Fort Collins, CO
price: $1.50/12oz
ABV: 5.2%
NSP: 12.3

Who loves going to the Tour de Fat?  Everyone.  Who loves drinking New Belgium beers? ... Bueller? BUELLER??

In my eyes New Belgium still needs to prove why I should ever buy their beer.  The Lips of Faith series (e.g. Super Cru, La Terroir) is a push in the right direction, but then they go and brew something like Somersault, or Ranger, or Belgo, or **shudder** Fat Tire.

NB beers aren't necessarily bad, excluding Fat Tire, but I just find them boring and stale on the palate.  Allow me to share a recent interview I did on this beer:
Me: We'd like to welcome, again, the friendly Mayor of Beer-Banality, Mr. New Belgium!  Hello, Mr Belgium.  I see you've brought us a "summer ale".  Can you describe it a bit?
Mayor: OK, sure.  Well, it looks absolutely delicious, but is about as light bodied as a Coors light, and tastes a bit like lemon!
Me: Oh... I see.  Well, is it interesting to drink?
Mayor: Nope!  That's why we love it.  In fine New Belgium tradition, we've crafted an ale that is easy to forget, and hard to convince yourself to buy again.  Did I mention we're wind-powered??
I guess if you want to bore the shit out of yourself during the summer, then drink up.  Otherwise, maybe just go with your New Belgium instinct on this one.

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