Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Russian River [...] Great Beer [...] Great Wine

type: session ale, farmhouse-ish blonde?
origin: Santa Rosa, CA
price: $4.29/.5l
ABV: 4.75%
NSP: 5.5

Not a title as it is more of a sentence: "It takes a lot of great beer to make great wine."

This beer, from our beloved Russian River, is an homage to the wine-grape harvest and those doing the harvesting - those would rather drink a beer than red wine after a day in the hot sun.  Yeah, no shit!  The thought of hot wine in the daytime makes me think of the dinner (starting at 0:28) from Nothing But Trouble (pure comedic brilliance).

Besides the motivation, this beer succeeds as a crisp and easy on the palate farmhouse-ish ale.  It's not an outstanding beer per say, but it would be hard to pick out a true masterpiece within this style.  The flavors are a bit citrusy but also earthy and light, which makes for some easy swillin'.

I would drink the shit out of this if it weren't so costly.  The price should really be around 2 or 3 per half-Maß.  Oh well, it's not like you can get this anywhere besides Sonoma county (I assume) so I'll just treat it like any other RR beer.  Plus, I don't technically deserve to drink this, given that I care very little about wine and have never picked a grape off a vine in my life.

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