Monday, November 19, 2012

Earth eagle brewings: Backyard Bouillabase

Type: Gruit
Origin: Portsmouth, NH
Price: $8/L
ABV: 5%
NSP: 6.25

Our second attempt at Earth eagle brewings was much more successful than the first. For starters, we got in the door and got to taste everything on tap. And yum. The brewery is an awesome start and the tasting room has some fine style, but once these gruits catch on I'm sure they'll both need some expansion. It was cool chatting with the owners Alex & Butch, and I had a chuckle at their comment about someone on the internet trying to figure out what heather tastes like.

I liked the Backyard Bouillabase so much that I had to bring another growler home. Once again, it's a gruit so no hops, but here's second proof that these guys have a handle on how it's done. This one is much clearer than the Wallace and has a lighter body by far. The nutty flavor in the Wallace is also gone in this one, so maybe that was the heather I was tasting. I'm pretty sure this one had heather in it as well, but I can't find my notes, so we'll have to go on recollection that there is probably yarrow in here too. Not that I know what either of those tastes like anyway, but it just goes to show you that there is a huge amount of gruit ingredient list that lots of people haven't ever heard of, so I imagine we'll learn a thing or two in the process. Once again I'm a bit stuck with 'herbal tasting' for a description, but this one is a lot greener tasting than the Wallace.

In addition to the William Wallace and the presently described gruit, we also sampled their Exhilaration gruit (5.6%, even more green tasting with wild rosemary). Not to be a one trick pony, these guys pour some nostril singeing hopped ales as well: the Red Ryder dry hopped with Amarillo (5.2%) and the New England Gangsta IPA dry hopped with Citra (6.2%). And these aren't your run of the mill east coast malt bombs, they have the smooth body and hop nose that we've grown to love in San Diego, and if I recall correctly that might be where they picked it up. Good on them for bringing the flava back to the wild east.

Oh yeah, did I mention that these guys also smoked a pigs head then brewed a beer with it? They also have a sour beer which is 2 years into the aging, and unfortunately another year to wait until it's drinkable after blending, which I might not be out this way for at the time. We're definitely looking forward to some more tasty brews out of this ale house. Well done gentlemen.

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