Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ken Schmidt | Iron Fist | Stone collaboration: Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout

type: imperial stout
origin: San Diego, CA
price: $3.5/12oz
ABV: 9.6%
NSP: 9.7
websites: Ken | Iron Fist | Stone

I love me some Stone Collabs (descriptions here).  I love me some Iron Fist.  I love me some Ken Schmidt?

I never tried the previous Stone collab with Ken (the Macadamia porter) but I'm sure after tasting this it was worth all the praise.  This is an imperial stout unlike any I've had.  To describe it as "mint chocolate" is no bullshitt.  But it's more complex than that.

The aromas scream Andes mint (You want mint for pillow?) which, for me, is wonderful.  The trick is the mint chocolate doesn't stick around to the end; rather, it fades pretty quickly, leaving you with the rather massive roasted-coffee-stout thing going on.  And then they hopped it just right -- the bitterness cuts right across the sweetness of the beer.  From this you get essentially four experiences out of one bottle, in this order: Andes-mint, delicious imperial stout, tempering bitters, drunkenness.

It looks like the Stone-collab thing continues its winning tradition.  Keep up the good work fellas.


  1. I sampled this at GABF and found it to have a bit of sharpness, a grain alcohol-like flavor, almost like Listerine in terms of boozy sharpness + mint. Was that in the bottle too?

    I should note that I wasn't fully sober when I tried it.

    1. I wouldn't go so far as Listerine, but I can see what you mean. The 9.6% is definitely right in your face.

  2. Like boogers after a good sneeze.