Thursday, November 8, 2012

Noble Ale Works IPA

type: IPA
origin: Anaheim, CA
price: $5.99/22
ABV: 7%

Brentus and I have been talking for a long time how Los Angeles seems to exist outside the craft beer bubble.  Granted Anaheim isn't technically Los Angeles, but Disneyland ain't exactly the "greatest place on earth" neither.  Seriously, D'Land gives me nightmares and makes me want to end it all. No friggin way I'm taking my kids there.  Ok, enough...

But just when you think you know what the bubble is doing, it goes and pulls a tourette-syndrome and outbursts.  BAM!  It's frustrating, but it's official, and necessary.  Shit breweries are filing for Chapter 11, and Anaheim now has a top-notch hop-monger.  Noble Ale Works.

I threw back three pints at the Beagle the other night after another recommendation from bartender Timmy-the-Timbo Mc-Timmers that quickly escalated into an obsession.  (Like when Brats found Hoptologist and started hoarding bottles.)

What brought me back to this, over-and-over, was the exceptional quality.  It's a shockingly good,  reasonably priced IPA that absolutely destroys lesser quality IPA.  In surfing we call this the "cleanup set" -- you know the wave that washes all the kooks to shore, leaving only pure shred-heads in the lineup?  Da kine, mahalo, chicharrones.

The aromas aren't too distracting, but they aren't misleading either.  You know you're about to take a gulp of some wonderful IPA.  And there is nothing off about the malt backbone either.  So you get to taste the brewers' style, and not their process.

This is a win all around, and a game changer for IPAs.  I'm looking forward to trying more from the land of Mickey Mouse.

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