Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ska True Blonde Dubbel

type: Belgian-style dubbel
origin: Durango, CO
price: ? (it was a recon-beer)
ABV: 8%
NSP: ?

I feel like I have a special connection with Ska.  Because of Chris I've probably tried nearly everything they offer, even though I live 800 miles away from anywhere that would even carry their beer.

I'm not a huge fan of dubbels, but I'll admit I don't spend too much effort trying to explore the varietals, and it's probably a style best left for the Belgians or the Swiss (??).  But Ska rarely disappoints, so here we go.  For this I'm just going to free-associate:

Pours a bit flat.  That's usually not a good sign.  Medium to heavy sweetness, but also banana and cola.  Then there's a bit of spice, and it's 8%.  OK, bottle is done, and I'm tipsy.  The two chesty blonds on the label remind me of a Doublemint commercial that would be on Cinemax.  Dubbel your pleasure.

I can't say I'll look for this specifically, but it's hard for me to dislike it since it made me think of boobs and got me on the road to drunktown.  The sweetness would be a little less obvious if they stepped up the carbonation, but that could also be my fault.  Why?  The wax-dipped top makes you think you should cellar this, and so I let it sit in my fridge for way too long, despite the clear "best by" stamping on it.  Shame on me, Dubya would say.

And Chris, I still think you sleep nude in an oxygen tent.

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