Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stone Ruination (part deux)

type: double IPA
origin: San Diego, Ca
price: $9/4-pack
ABV: 7.7
NSP: 11.9

There was a time when I physically couldn't appreciate a beer like this.  My taste-buds simply drowned in the flavor and bitterness.  As Chris mentioned this is an excellent beer to remind you how far you come: when you can actually taste the IPA-qualities in such a hop-behemoth like this you know your palate has changed.  But the bitterness (at 100+ IBU) is on full display, and that's really the mouth-killer with big beers like this.  A 7-11 sized gulp will give you near-lockjaw, and makes you worried the enamel is being stripped right off your teeth.

As I just said, there was a time I couldn't appreciate this.  I guess this means I've made it to the other side of the Wall, like tasting the top of the Skoville scale.  I certainly don't think it deserves the ranks of Heady or Dreadnaught--but those are the cream of the hop-crop.  When you consider this was the first continuously-brewed DIPA, you have to tip your hat to the goodfellas at Stone.  They are far from laxidasical on their hop-work, and it takes pure cajones to brew such a massive beerverage, especially for well over ten years running.

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