Friday, December 21, 2012

Mother Earth Cali Creamin

Type: Cream ale
Origin: Vista, California
Price: $5.99 per 22 oz
ABV: 5.2%
NSP: 5.6

Last week, Chris, Andy and I decided to hit up Bottlecraft after RK Sushi and before Samer's birthday at Beagle (for the aftermath, see Matt's review on Vertical Epic).  We were in search of the Abyss, but ever asshole in San Diego bought them out in 20 minutes, so we decided to do some tastings (and by tastings, I mean drink a whole 22 while looking at beers).  I made a regrettable decision in getting Victory at Sea, which while good, is not really the beer to drink after sushi and before beagle, especially a whole 22.  Chris got the IPA from Mother Earth, which I immediately fell in love with.  Because of that, I think we bought out their entire stash, and I tossed this one because I have been liking cream ales more and more recently.

To start, let me just say, I do not regret this decision.  It has the nice smoothness that one would expect from a cream ale, and the flavors err on the side of sweetness.  There is a decent lactose quantity in here, reminding me of a mild milk stout.  There is an extra hit of vanilla which was an absolutely pleasant surprise since there is no mention of it on the bottle.  However, on the back, they mention that this will remind you of drinking a cream soda, and they couldn't be more correct.  Its honestly an exceptional beer from a great new San Diego brewery.  The name is rather unfortunate however.  Kinda reminds me of Britney Spears churning butter.  You know the link.

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  1. Victory at Sushi! This beer is quite interesting. We had the same though when we drank it. Is it a beer, is it a soda? Still good and would prob buy it again. Check out our review here.