Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rahr and Sons Stormcloud IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Fort Worth, TX
Price: ?
ABV: 6.0%
NSP: ?


Rahr and Sons, home of frijoles negros-flavored schwarzbier.  I'll admit right up front that I've had this one in the queue for too long (four or five months).  Given that it's an IPA, that may be a coup de grâce, but the website says that it's "traditional" with a "German influence", so let's hope it means that it's beefy enough to stand up to some aging...although, beefy and IPA aren't usually two things I enjoy together in any case.

6.0%, huh?  For an IPA?  As Andy says, shit's weak, bro.  It smells really light- not much malt oomph, a light touch of sweetness, and a bit of citrus.  Kind of like some sort of beer candy.

Flavor wise, it's also pretty light.  But I will retract my complaint about the 6.0% being weak.  I mean, it is weak, but that's not a flaw for this beer.  Because it seems to be intended to be a light-bodied, lightly-flavored IPA- not what I expected from "traditional: and "German influence".  The malt is fairly delicate, more so than most "traditional" IPAs, and the hops just sort of flit around on top of it- the bitterness is not overwhelming, nor does it fade into the background.  It's not a terribly complex beer, but there's some good craft in it in that it's well-balanced, which for a lighter beer (which is more easily capsized than something heftier) is no insignificant feat.

It did indeed stand up to aging well, far better than many IPAs can manage.  And I dare say that I enjoyed it.  Good on you, Rahrs. 

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