Thursday, December 20, 2012

Speakeasy Scarlett

type: red rye ale
origin: San Francisco, CA
price: $11/6-pack
ABV: 5.5%
NSP: 10.8

Foggy in west San Francisco? No way!!  Yes, way.  My last visit to the city didn't feel like a stout kind of situation, even though Dr Molar was gnawing on a 5 kg triangular brick of Toblerone, but fortunately I found a local brew from Speakeasy in his fridge.  I have been taking Speakeasy beers with a grain of salt, ever since the Double Daddy Disaster (D-cubed around these parts), but they have come through with other beers (e.g. White Lightning), so I at least had to try it.

Often we complain about no being able to taste rye in rye ales (like this one), but here the red ale is really well balanced by the rye; so, you can taste it, but it doesn't overwhelm.  I also found the beer to be relatively in light body, and have a wee bit of smoke and spiciness - likely from the combination of carbonation, bitterness, and rye.   There aren't really aromas to speak of, but with this kind of flavor and drinkability  I ain't complaining.  To me the redness is a bit too opaque to inspire a sixer-consumption event, but the beer is really solid and tasty.  So I say this is a winner, and a step in the right direction for my San Francisco beer relationship.

Footnote: No, I cannot take pictures that well, but Mrs. Molar sure can!

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