Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 California IPA Tournament: Round 5

If you're getting weary just reading about this tournament, try drinking all that beer.  It's a Beer Plow times 15.  Not that we're complaining.  Anyway, Round 5 knocks out four beers, with the winners moving on to the quarterfinals.  Interesting round, this one, with only one dissenting vote in the entire shindig.
Appropriate for head-to-head matchups, I'd say.
Heat 1:
Stone (San Marcos), R4H1$10.29/6-pack, 6.9% ABV, 14.28 NSP
Lagunitas (Petaluma), R4H4$7.99/6-pack, 6.2% ABV, 16.55 NSP, 5-0
Lagunitas comes roaring back from its Round 4 stumble to take down Stone comfortably. I agreed, finding a touch on pineapple in Lagunitas that Stone didn't have.  So, in the first head-to-head matchup of Bay Area and San Diego heavyweights, advantage Bay Area...

Heat 2:
Port Wipeout (San Marcos), R4H2$4.99/22oz, 7.0% ABV, 9.12 NSP, 5-0
Bear Republic Racer 5 (Healdsburg), R4H3$9.69/6-pack, 7.0% ABV, 15.39 NSP least until Port wipes out Racer 5, evening up the competition.  Wipeout was just a bit lighter, more citrusy, and less bitter than Racer 5, but it was damn close.

Heat 3:
Alesmith (San Diego), R4H3$5.19/22oz, 7.25% ABV, 9.08 NSP, 1 (Brent)
Green Flash West Coast (San Diego), R4H2$8.99/4-pack, 7.3% ABV, 11.53 NSP, 4 (Andy, Brendan, Matt, Samer)
San Diego thumper West Coast takes down its neighbor(ish) Alesmith.  I agreed with Brent on this one- I thought Alesmith had better balance, but that also meant more malt, so it was tough...but the slight edge went to Alesmith for me.

Heat 4:
Firestone Walker Union Jack (Paso Robles), R4H4$10.99/6-pack, 7.5% ABV, 14.53 NSP, 5-0
Sierra Nevada Torpedo (Chico), R4H1$8.99/6-pack, 7.2% ABV, 17.06 NSP
Another unanimous verdict, and the heat with the largest margin between the competitors.  By that I mean it was the only heat that wasn't really close.  Torpedo was relatively bitter and heavy, making it easy for Union Jack to rope-a-dope it.

Moving on:
Port Wipeout
Green Flash West Coast
Firestone Walker Union Jack

Going home:
Bear Republic Racer 5
Sierra Nevada Torpedo

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