Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brouwerij Strubbe IPA

Type: Belgian IPA
Origin: Ichtegem, Belgium
Price: $6.99 per 750 mL
ABV: 7.9%
NSP: 8.5

I haven't had many IPA's from other countries, and most of them, I really did not care for.  The biggest exception is Mikeller, which actually won a blind IPA tasting by us quite awhile ago.  I've always thought that rather interesting beers could be made by just switching to Belgian yeasts and keeping everything else equal.  Imagine a Bud heavy with Belgian yeast (disregard lager versus ale yeast).  I bet your mouth is super moist in anticipation. I couldn't pass up on this one for the price since I really want my noble experiment to work.

Onto the beer itself.  It is exactly what you expect.  It is fairly sweet and reminds me slightly of a Flemish red with extra hops.  By extra hops, I should note, they are still quite hard to pick out.  In the back of your mind you know the flavors that are there, but they are not powerful enough to cut into the sweetness.  That being said, this is still a very enjoyable beer.  Not paying attention to the style, I would give this a B+ or A-, however, as an IPA, its probably a C.

This reminds me most of Leffe blonde.  The nose is sweet and delicate and the beer is very drinkable.  That is all.  No witty finishing lines.  You can probably do better, but sometimes in the beer world, you have to settle.

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