Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Widmer Brothers Nelson Imperial IPA

type: imperial IPA
origin: Portland, OR
price: $8/4-pack 12oz
ABV: 8.6%
NSP: 15.3

The problem with drinking beer from breweries that use Nelson hops well (e.g. Alpine) is that other breweries can pump out shit like this and use the name of the hop as a buzz word.  Hah, got you good fucker!  Now I fully admit I bought this partially for that reason, but wow is this bad.  In fact, I pretty much hate this beer.

It's hard to elaborate why I hate this, but I'll try.  It feels like chalk on my tongue, and then it's bitter, acidic, and alcoholic.   My first taste resulted in me exclaiming "Ahh what the fuck?!".  Pure disappointment, expressed as seething rage.  Maybe I have other problems...

But there are no hop aromas to speak of, which just adds insult to injury, even though the sweet-malt aromas are nice, and make you think it will probably be pretty good otherwise.  Then you taste it, and you know you've made a huge mistake.  Unfortunately, I think the problem is precisely the hopping, even though the bottle claims it's "hopped to perfection".  (Then again, who sees a self-proclamation on a beer label and doesn't believe the brewery is full of shit?)  I don't know how it went wrong, and I don't care.  In the end it reminds me why I used to avoid beers that are "imperial".  I know now there are plenty of well done imperials across the entire spectrum of beer (even a pilsner)--just not this one.

And finally, this is yet another classic example of how ass-backwards and irrelevant Beer Advocate reviews can be (Nelson Imperial IPA is "exceptional").  If you find yourself questioning your judgement after disagreeing with their posts, just remind yourself how to judge correctly.

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