Thursday, February 21, 2013

Alesmith Decadence 2012

type: varies, but this season it's a fucking massive quad
origin: San Diego, CA
price: $15/32-oz growler
ABV: 12%
NSP: 7.6

Quadruppel ales are a tricky beast.  They're so incredibly unique--in terms of flavor--that it's hard to pick between the good ones, but especially easy to identify bad ones.  Alesmith is always solid, and their seasonal quad follows suit.  This year's Decadence is absolutely wonderful.

For this tasting I bought a brewery fresh quart-size growler because, damnit, if Chris can drink a quart of 10% beer, then so can I.  The first thing you notice is how absolutely massive this is, relative to most ales.  The high alcohol content* is  tempered by a huge-but-distinct barley backbone.  Once that little joyride is over, though, you notice how rapidly it's dispatching the Crunk-for-God police to commit some police brutality on your ass.  But Workaholics is on in 30 min, so it's time to #getweird with this #boybody.

I love the head on this beer.  It lingers nicely on the glass, and has a really beautiful tan/white color:
[htmljoke](in-between #F5FAFA and #E8D0A9)[/htmljoke]

Drinking this when it's at out-of-the-fridge temperatures, you can still taste the roasted malts and brown sugar flavors; but, those are quickly dominated by the followup: a huge wallop of booze (Duh, it's 12 damn percent!).  At higher temps you get the classic quad experience without the slap on the face.  The moral: this should definitely be consumed at temperatures just below room; otherwise, don't be surprised if the last half of your glass tastes better than the first half.

It's hard to top a quad like Baby Tree, but this is pretty close.  I hear that Chris was able to dive into a Westy 12 recently, so we'll have to wait and see how that compares.

* At this ABV, nearly 2oz of your 16oz pint is pure ethanol!

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