Friday, February 1, 2013

BD in a Flying Dog: Snake Dog IPA

type: IPA
origin: Frederick, MA
price: $11/6-pack
ABV: 7.1%
NSP: 13.8

My Flying Dog BD series continues--as does the streak of Steadman originals. (That certainly looks like a snake-headed dog!)  Here we have my first taste of an IPA by Flying Dog.

A bit disappointed I was, upon pouring, for there was not much aroma to speak of.  (How eloquent that was.)  But there's flavor in this IPA: the taste is malty, edging towards sweet.  These are hard flavors to pull out though, as they're essentially hidden behind a huge hop bitterness.  The hopping is by no means floral--just some brute force alpha acids coating the back of your throat.

I suppose the description I just gave rings true to my claim in the Doggy Style review: that they're no bones.  There's certainly no gimmick here, and no false advertisement.  It's just a mouthblasting IPA.  Unfortunately, I think I need a few more bones with my IPA, especially after taking part in the most massive and badass IPA-tasting tournament that has ever occurred.  For my liking it's a little too heavy on the bittering hops, and so it's with great melancholy that I'll claim one should pass on this; but, hopefully that shows the level of respect I have for FD.

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