Thursday, February 14, 2013

Birrificio Del Ducato: My blueberry nightmare

type: Sour imperial stout
origin: Italia
price: $free/4oz?
ABV: 11%
NSP: infinity

On Halloween in Providence, Rhode Island I was lucky enough to find this fine brew on tap at
Julian's. I ordered up a glass and the keg kicked immediately, spitting a blast of foam all over her face... the bartendress I mean. After that bout of abuse she was even kind enough to give me the pour for free while I browsed the menu for another, and holy damn was it tasty.

Generally, I wouldn't imagine blueberry flavor showing up much in an imperial stout since it would probably just get buried in chocolaty flavors. Make that a sour stout though, and now we're talking. The sour really makes the blueberry rip through, and it's a pretty dominant flavor as a result. There's still the huge imperial stout flavor and mouth feel, but in addition you get blueberry, and some serious tart. Even the foam was solid.

Between at least hurricane Sandy, Halloween, and this beer, there were all sorts of awesome things going on in Providence that week. If you ever see this one, give it a swing! Unless you don't like good beer or something.

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